tagAR is an open source augmented reality application developed for AndroidTM Operating System.

Our New Plan

Who would here like to work with us on our new augmented reality sdk which we will be released as open source. We have explained below of what we have plan and why we want to do so. If you also think this is a good idea, and would like to join our community and be part of something big then do so at this page:

What is tagAR?

TagAR is an open source augmented reality sdk for android (initially, until we port it to other platforms). TagAR will provide an open, easy to understand and easy to use sdk. Initially tagAR will be implementing gps location based tagging add sdk. We will be implementing other types of augmented reality as well. OpenGL will be used for rendering the graphics. OpenGL is an industry standard. OpenGL also provides an easy to use graphics library.

How different is tagAR from all those other augmented reality sdk and apps? Why do I need to make another sdk/app? What is unique about tagAR?

There are many sdks available, and also of really good quality, but most of them are just free to use or require a fee to use. Those are closed source, and are controlled by a single company, which can change what ever they want, at a moments notice causing disruption in the apps which are using those sdks. Also the sdks which require a fee to be used are just too expensive for individual developers.

However, there are open source alternatives, but they are either too few or their respositories have not been updated for a long time. Furthermore, some of the open source sdks are not using OpenGL which limits their use to certain applications, and not much customization is possible. tagAR on the other hand will be using opengl which will provide tagAR with the rendering power of opengl. 3D models, videos, images can be loaded and played/shown in the place of tags, which trully can make tagAR a powerful sdk. tagAR code base will be well commented and documented code, and will have an easy to understand design which will further improve the performance and quality of the sdk. tagAR will be easy to use and develop where extensibility and management of the code will be emphasized upon.

The code repository will be available on github.com and will be public where developers interested in augmented reality can use the sdk in their own apps, and also help build tagAR. We will be accepting pull requests, but will only include the code which meets the sdk's requirements and quality specifications, assuring a well formed code is built without any bugs.

What benefit will the devs get from my work?

The devs will be part of building a state of the art augmented reality sd. They will get a chance to submit their own code. Most of all the sdk will be open source, they will be able to use the sdk into their own apps, and also improve the sdk and submit the improvements that they have made to be added into the sdk.

How will i generate revenue from this?

I will be setting up a cloud service which will offer free and paid packages. The cloud service will provide apis which the users will able to add their own data and manage it. If the devs do not want to use our cloud service, they can set up their own cloud, but we recommend our cloud service since it will be affordable. We can also generate revenue providing dedicated support apart from the community support, and also build features as per individual requests.

Why augmented reality?

Augmented reality is the future of computing and digital media, and the way we interact with out surroundings. Augmented reality can be used in a number of different fields such as tourism, medicine, manufacturing, retail, etc... By building tagAR we hope that we and our community will help augmented reality grow and usher into a new era.

What type of augmented reality?

There are many different types of augmented reality, such as location based tagging browser, computer vision detection and recognition of objects, etc... tagAR initially will be a location based tagging browser, where tags can be added at a particular location and users can see the tag in their augmented reality browser, and interact with the tag

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