tagAR is an open source augmented reality application developed for AndroidTM Operating System.

Version 2.1 is available on Google Play. You will have to download and install the application from your AndroidTM powered Mobile Device. Users with previous versions please uninstall the existing app, download the new app and install it.

tagAR (pronounced as "tag" as in the word tag and AR as "ai" and "are". The letters AR are to be pronounced the way the letters A and R are pronounced.) is an augmented reality tagging application developed for the AndroidTM Operating System (at the moment). tagAR allows you to tag locations in real time and at the same time see tags posted by other users. This app encourages social networking between users from all walks of life. They can tag their favorite locations and post a comment about the location. Then anyone near that tag can see it in the screen of their mobile device. You can download the app from Google Play for free.

The main aim for this app was to take advantage of the relatively new field in Computer Science Augmented Reality. There have been attempts at developing apps in this area and are quite good as well in what they do, but they are weak in some areas or lack some important features. What is even more exciting is to Open Source the app and to make the source code available to all. By this we have ensured that the product that results from this collaboration of software developers from all over the world, will be of top quality and will meet the standards of the software industry.

tagAR consists of the following features:

  1. User registration system
  2. Password reset
  3. Augmented reality tagging and displaying of tags and their information
  4. Remember My Login Details
  5. Take pictures of the locations and upload them, and then view them in the tag (New in Version 2.0)
  6. New graphical Menu Screen(New in Version 2.0)
  7. Improved tagging feature (New in Version 2.0)
We intend to develop more features on our own and also accept features developed by the software developers using tagAR's code to develop their own projects and incorporate them into tagAR if they are upto standard and release them as part of tagAR on Google Play.

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